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Why buy our packages and equipment over the competition? The Reasons Are Many, But Let’s Look at Three Very Important Ones Regarding Machines:



1) Our machines NSF approval (also have UL, ETL, CE, and ISO approvals)

2) Our machines are battletested in some of the busiest self-serve franchises in the world.

3) We give parts AND labor warranty, not even Taylor and Stoelting will pay for the labor

If this your first shop, then let me let you in on a dirty little secret….  What the competition isn’t telling you about frozen yogurt machines and equipment, that could be a very expensive lesson, is that your equipment is required to be NSF approved by a federal mandate that is enforced by the Health Department in your state. The Health Dept. may require you (depending on your state) to have NSF and if you don’t then you will not be permitted to open. We can not count the number of times we have had to replace cheap Chinese equipment that was not NSF approved because the owner did not know this and was suckered in with an extremely low price online. Not to mention that if you don’t have NSF approval this automatically speaks volumes about the quality and sanitary condition of your equipment.

Moreover, most of these machines we have seen from the competition that are not well known brands have a host of mechanical and elecronic problems that are so severe it makes it impossible to run a busy yogurt shop at all. These machines from the competition are usually 220v, and USA has standard 208V so if you don’t buy an $8k transformer, then the machine will draw too many amps and the motor and compressor will burn out in a few weeks. Also, the firmware on the circuitboards on many of these competing machines are so inferior that they change programs (auto to clean) by themselves and if this happens overnight then you are going to have a broken machine and a huge mess on your hands. Bottom line, make sure your equipment has already been battletested and proven in a busy self-serve shop. Our equipment is already now being used in shops that are selling $3k per day or more of self-serve yogurt for years without failure. Please inquire within to come see our machines in action at a busy yogurt shop.

Frozen Yogurt Shop Outfitters offer a full range of equipment essential to a frozen yogurt business. We have a selection of frozen yogurt machines that range from tabletop to full-size models, along with any and all other accoutrements from refrigerated toppings bars, toppings dispensers, stainless steel triple sinks, electrical systems, under-counter cabinets, stainless steel work tables, under-counter refrigerators, water/waste systems, to menu boards, POS systems, signage, and serving cups, napkins, and spoons, etc….


We can offer you comprehensive equipment packages that can cover all your needs at the fraction of the cost of buying them individually or from an undependable supplier. Plus, there’s the extra and extremely valuable option of customizing your orders to your brand!


Small YogurtIn short, we can provide all the frozen yogurt supplies any successful shop will need.


This is another route to take between going it on your own and signing up for a franchise. If you’re set on developing your own brand and striking on your own, take advantage of some of the perks some chains and franchises enjoy without having to shell out money for expensive royalty fees and marketing fees. We deal in bulk but we have the people, the passion, and the perseverance to break it down and deal smaller segments. This is why we can offer our products and services at the rates that we do!


The packages offered by Frozen Yogurt Shop Outfitters can range from basic to comprehensive. It all depends on you; you call the shots. You can enjoy the ease of a turn-key transaction but still take pride in the ownership of identity and concept of your business. You select a package and we put it together for you. What you start with is what you envisioned, a frozen yogurt shop equipped to your specifications.


Whether your business is a small kiosk (indoor or outdoor), a self-serve or a full-service frozen yogurt shop, we have a package that can fit all your requirements.


kiosk small
yogurt in love lounge



The main component of a frozen yogurt shop is the frozen yogurt. That means you need a way to make the product with ease, consistency, and most importantly, with great flavor! A dependable frozen yogurt machine and high-quality frozen yogurt mix is vital to your operation no matter how big or small.


Get your hands on top-of-the-line frozen yogurt machines and accessories at very affordable rates. We can offer unbelievable deals because we’re used to doing business in volume. This is your chance to get in on the secret of big chains!


Even with this opportunity, we know that many of the new businesses that are starting out are smaller and need some tips and some guidance. This is where our packages come in. Aside from making enormous savings on equipment, our clients get valuable service such design consultation and execution. We offer our clients a selection of unique, customizable equipment packages featuring our top-of-the-line frozen yogurt machines.