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Frozen Yogurt Kiosk


Frozen Yogurt Shop Outfitters has two kiosk formats on offer. From these two basic configurations, we can customize a free-standing indoor or outdoor commercial outlet to fit your needs.


Whether you are eyeing a location inside a local mall, a space in a popular waterfront boardwalk, or near a parking spot at a high-traffic beach, we can equip your frozen yogurt shop with all the essentials it will need to succeed. Starting with the finest quality ingredients available at prices that are hard to believe, to top-of-the-line frozen yogurt machines and other frozen yogurt shop equipment and accessories.


We have done kiosks of many shapes and sizes and we can work with you to any degree you wish. The beauty of working with Frozen Yogurt Shop Outfitters is that you maintain a grip on the business leash; because in the end, it is your business after all. We’re here to make sure you make a success of it. Our success rides on yours too!


Our product packages will show you how seriously we go about out offers of customization.


Whether it is a self-serve indoor kiosk, an outdoor stand, a mobile kiosk, or any configuration you can think of, throw it over to the professionals and we’ll get back to you with a solution.


We’ve seen it from experience, there’s no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” solution for ventures like these, where a majority of the investors are independent, small business people. But that’s how those franchise giants started as well, with a shop or two. There are still many untapped markets for the frozen yogurt business and yes, it is still survival of the fittest and the best. Those rules have not changed. Frozen Yogurt Shop Outfitters recognizes the needs of businesses to be among the best and not only to compete in the business world but to actually win in it! To profit and grow!


If you have the perfect location in mind for your shop but it’s an odd shape or size and does not fall within the specs laid down with the big franchise “brands” with their humungous franchise fees, marketing fees, and royalties, and you’ve decided to go it alone, arm yourself with the best fighting chance: a great supplier! A one-stop-shop for all your frozen yogurt business needs.


Kiosk, stall, stand, bar, lounge, whatever you end up with; if it has frozen yogurt as a main attraction, you ought to check us out.