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Our machines have NSF, UL, CE, and ISO certifications. What the super low price competition isn’t telling you is that you are required to have NSF in most states and your equipment will not pass the Health Dept. inspection if you don’t have certified NSF machines.

At this stage in the game, one recognizes the tools that make up the basics of your business. By “basics” this is not to say the crudest, bare bones, or simple, instead, it means fundamental and essential. And in the business of frozen yogurt, this translates to your product: the yogurt, and the the key tool in delivering it: the frozen yogurt machine.

Anyone who has run a self-serve yogurt store, will not disagree with the statement that the yogurt machines are at the heart of the business. Without reliable machines that are able to operate in a self-serve function at high capacities, you will not be able to run a successful frozen yogurt establishment. Imagine beautifully reliable machines with the best warranty in the business that run at almost half the cost as the other leading brands….

The Yogurt In Love SYL-997C is our most popular machine, it is gravity fed with air tubes in the hopper giving it the ideal balance between simplicity of operation and quality of product. Moreover, our 997B machines are 120v standard , and they automatically go into standby operation after 2 hours of non-use. Our SYL-997B machines use about 40% less energy than the leading brands in the industry which translates to very significant savings directly to the bottom line of the shop.

Also, most people assume that the yogurt quality is the same regardless of machines, this is really not the case. Our machines have been engineered to allow just the right amount of air (overrun) into the mix so that the yogurt is creamy and delicious, never icy, every time. The texture of the yogurt will also be determined by the relationship of the diameter of the freezing cylinder to the shape and build of the auger blades. This is a delicate science and we have already gone through years of testing and trial and error research to get this right.
SYL-997B – Full Size Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Machine

frozen yogurt machine

• Elegant Design Stainless Steel Construction
• 2 Flavors and Twist
• Automatic Self Cleaning System
• Pre-cooling Function for Hoppers With 8 Levels
• Freezing Cylinder Volume 2 Liters x 2
• Stainless Steel Spill Catcher
• Programmable Agitator
• Gravity Fed or Pump Fed
• Emulsification Function to Increase Taste and Kill Bacteria
• Self Diagnostic LCD with Trouble Codes
• Ultra Low Power Consumption – 40% less than the competition
• Cone/cup Counting System
• Cone and Temperature Display
• Low Mix Alert and Standby Function
• Eight Different Levels of Texture (Softness)
• Precision Speed Control, Formation Ratio Indicator and Display
• High Powered Beater Motor
• Ultra Low Noise
• Built in Low/High Voltage and High Currency Protection System
• Capacity: 44 Liters/Hour
• Consecutive dispensing – 25cups
• Hopper Volume: 12 Liters (two)
• Compressor: 2HP ASPERA, imported from Italy
• Voltage: 110V/60Hz, 23amps, 2.5kw, 1.5hp motor
• Refrigerant R404A(large compressors)/R134A(small compressors)
• Dimensions: 53″tall x 21.26″wide x 32”deep
• Franchisees Receive 1-year Parts and 1-year Labor Warranty

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