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Frozen Yogurt Supplies


Vital to any frozen yogurt business are all the small components, the details that make it up, not least of which, is the frozen yogurt itself; and Frozen Yogurt Shop Outfitters has a complete selection of products included in our product packages that take care of all these.


Let’s start from the foundation of business itself, the frozen yogurt mix. Our frozen yogurt mixes comes in powder form. This addresses a major yet often overlooked concern within the business: product storage. Storing frozen yogurt mixes can be problematic especially for smaller business with limited storage capabilities. Whatever the business can save in buying in bulk, it’ll have to spend extra on in storage or waste in spoilage. With a powdered yogurt mix, a business can save on refrigeration space and cost.


We carry Yogurt in Love powdered frozen yogurt mixes that have a one-year shelf life and come in tart vanilla and chocolate base mixes. They are available in no sugar-added vanilla and no sugar-added chocolate, and non-dairy sorbet. The Yogurt in Love sorbet is neutral and has no flavor. We complement our base mixes with over 90 liquid base flavors that can create more than 200 flavor combinations!


Liquid frozen yogurt mixes, meanwhile, are consistently in demand from our various frozen yogurt business clientele. This is why we also supply a first-rate liquid mix even though it is undeniably costlier. In the end, it will depend on a particular business’ demand, preference, and market. The liquid frozen yogurt mix variety does deliver a different and some say, creamier texture and some of our clients find them more saleable.


Our system of liquid flavor combinations are not only money savers, they’re space savers as well; it can free up storage space of up to 80% that is ordinarily devoted to housing a multi-flavored frozen yogurt selection.


Taste and quality are a couple of the major battlegrounds in the frozen yogurt wars and here at Frozen Yogurt Shop Outfitters, we have the products that have all angles well covered. With cutting-edge dry mix soft-serve frozen yogurt that has successfully encapsulated the yogurt culture so that it becomes active only when reconstituted in water, our product has triumphed where most mix products that cannot even be called “yogurt,” have not. Plus the ice cream-like texture delivered by our liquid frozen yogurt mixes, either of our frozen yogurt mixes in non-fat and creamier low-fat varieties can also serve as a base for other products such as a yogurt smoothie.


As much as frozen yogurt snacks have been touted as healthy snacks, we know full well that most people have managed to sneak their favorites into their so-called healthy treats. This is where the toppings and flavor mixes come in. Be it as innocent sounding as Vanilla Bean or as decadent as White Chocolate Mousse, they will be there because customers will ask for them. The same story goes for the toppings as well; and that, you can customize to suit your preferences, your locale, the availability of fresh produce, your market’s tastes, or all of the above.


With our package offerings of supplies you can make your own selection from a list of frozen yogurt mixes, flavor bases, equipment, accessories, and a whole lot more. We can even have a whole kiosk or a stand done to your specs. We’re called Frozen Yogurt Shop Outfitters for a reason! Contact us today!