Aurora Self Serve Machine

Sel-Serve Frozen Yogurt Operations


At Frozen Yogurt Shop Outfitters, an added value we offer that cannot be matched by just any other supplier is that our product packages can give you a head’s up in the actual operations of a frozen yogurt shop, just like you would from some expensive franchise packages; and all without the heavy franchise fees!


Our operations guide can give our clients instructions on the basic running of the business, from the service, staffing, manning the store, handling equipment, employee management, and of course handling the product. It is valuable information best gleaned this way instead of “trial-and-error” as it can save a business a lot of time, money, and customer loyalty and goodwill. A business can get a head start with this information and practice set in place instead of trying out various methods to see which works.


Particularly for  self-serve operations, just knowing about how to prepare your product properly, how much of it to mix and when, can make a difference in your business’ bottom line. Presentation is also key. Who knew dispensing the perfect swirl can impact your business in such a big way? Our operations guide tackles that as well.


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Opening shop might sound like a fun adventure—well, of course most people factor in the hard work too—for new business owners. The reality of running it on a daily basis is a different animal altogether. Making sure that things run smoothly and that you have satisfied paying customers leaving the line and hopefully coming back again and spreading positive things about your business is always a top concern and can take a toll, especially when you’re not properly equipped to handle it. With everything you’ve invested in your business, your time, effort, and money, there is no place for trial and error. Once your shop is opened to the buying public, you can only make that first impression once.


Basic day-today operations; hiring and managing staff: from scheduling, employment positions, workplace policies, employment categories, and more; service protocol; product quality plus store and attendants cleanliness and hygiene; emergency and safety store procedures; these all-important topics to a self-serve frozen yogurt business are all discussed in the Frozen Yogurt Shop Outfitters operating manual.


With Frozen Yogurt Shop Outfitters, a frozen yogurt business will basically have the convenience of a turnkey operation; and an operations manual will help keep it on track.